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Subject specific FAQ's
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Will my child receive adequate and consistent homework at BA? Yes. Every subject will issue at least one piece of structured homework that is purposeful and aimed at extending the learning beyond the classroom. Each subject and year level follows a Homework Schedule on a weekly basis.

The Year 7 - 11 homework timetable can be found here, and the Sixth Form homework timetable can be found here.
How many periods in a school day? 5 x 60 minute periods with one 20 minute break (11:10-11:30) and one lunch break (1:30-2:15).
How many periods of English, science and mathematics will my child do? Minimum of 8 x 1 hour periods a fortnight. Extra support will depend on the need and age of the students.
Is there a list of the examination boards BA uses for each of its subjects? Yes, you can find them on our examinations page here.
What subjects are offered at Sixth Form? A full list of subjects offered at Sixth Form along with the course information, can be found here.
How do I raise concerns about a specific subject my child is experiencing? In the first instance, you are encouraged to email directly the subject teacher. First initial, followed by their name then: @bexleyheathacademy.org for example cwakefield@bexleyheathacademy.org

Otherwise, you can contact reception staff via phone and they can put you in touch.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, you are encouraged to contact the relevant tutor or Head of Year. Again this can be sought from main reception staff.
How is it decided if my child sits ‘higher’ or ‘foundation’ GCSE papers? Your child will be given every possible chance to succeed and if necessary, provided with intervention support. Based on the academic progress, attainment and ability of your child, the subject leader will decide, in negotiation with your child’s individual subject teacher as to what paper is most appropriate for them to sit. Grade boundaries from the examination board are considered and mock examination results are reflected upon before a decision is made.
Who do I contact if I’m worried about my child’s progress? You should always contact the child’s subject teacher in the first instance. If you want a second opinion, you should liaise with your child’s tutor or the relevant subject leader. You can also contact your child’s Head of Year. You should use email for an efficient response – first initial followed by surname, then @bexleyheathacademy.org For example: cwakefield@bexleyheathacademy.org
How often will I get a progress report for my child? November and March are when we have our Academic Review Days and you will receive a full academic and written report for your child. Here you will be invited to meet with your child’s tutor for a 15/20 minute conversation about your child’s progress. It is here where you will receive a full report and have the opportunity to raise any questions you may have. However and as previously mentioned, you are encouraged to contact your child’s respective subject teacher, tutor or Head of Year if you feel concerned, worried or do not understand something at any time. Please, open communication is the best communication!

Admin/Policies FAQ's
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Does my child have to wear a uniform? Yes, you can find our uniform dress code here.
How many students attend BA? Year 7: 251
Year 8: 291
Year 9: 290
Year 10: 282
Year 11: 261
6th Form: 290
Total: 1665
Do I need to pay fees? Yes and to help pay for educational trips and experiences that your child will have access to, we ask families to make a ‘voluntary’ payment of £10 per child, per year.
What am I required to buy for my child at the start of the year? Uniform as necessary, equipment that consists of at least:
• Pens, pencils, rubber, ruler
• scientific calculator
• Full PE kit
What are the start/break/lunch/finish school times? Start school: 8.20am
Morning registration: 8.30am
Period 1: 9.10pm
Period 2: 10.10am
Break 11.10am
Period 3: 11.30am
Period 4: 12.30am
Lunch 1.30pm
Period 5: 2.15pm
End of day: 3.15pm
Where can I buy school uniform from? http://www.yourschoolwear.co.uk/, also from main reception of Bexleyheath Academy.
Is there a second hand uniform opportunity for parents? Yes, we have limited stock but it is available from reception.
What happens to lost property? Lost property is handed in to reception staff. They keep this for a period of 1 term and then it is sent for recycling.
Is there a list of policies that I can read that relate to inclusion, behaviour, bullying and child protection? Yes, you can find these and many more on our policies page
Is there a reward scheme used to acknowledge good work and contribution? Yes. We use Vivo Miles where students accrue vivo points awarded from their teachers for a variety of reasons. More information about Vivo Miles can be found on our website.

Extra-curricular FAQ's
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Does BA have an onsite counsellor? Yes, in addition to a variety of mental health services and a strong Safeguarding, SENCO and Child Protection Team.
Does BA take students on trips to help their learning? Yes. At the end of the academic year, we reward our students with trips that are linked to good attendance and good behaviour.

There are a variety of subject-specific trips that are offered to students throughout the year. Many of these help to embed subject knowledge in particular with Modern Foreign Languages, Business Studies, History, Geography, Psychology, English, and Drama. In addition, extra-curricular trips abroad during school term breaks visit places such as Poland, Italy, France (Disney Land), the USA and Austria (ski trip).
Are there after-school homework clubs my child can attend? Yes. Most subjects will run revision sessions for senior students. For KS3 students, there are a variety of extra-curricular / homework clubs that they can attend at their will. Although some students will be targeted to attend such revision classes if they require any further guidance.

Transitions & Pathways FAQ's
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Does BA have a sixth form? Yes, click here to visit the Sixth Form section of our website.
Is there a work experience programme for KS4/5 students? Currently there is no formalised/structured work experience programme at KS4/5 due to government funding being cut recently and the huge cost outlay now having to be found by the individual Academy/school. However, we do support individual students in gaining work experience during their holiday time and we do have an extremely successful Internship Programme in the Sixth Form.
What careers advice and support will my child get and when? Bexleyheath Academy has a very experienced team of staff who provide fantastic advice in terms of careers guidance and advice. They work primarily with years 10-13 but we also are looking to develop such information, advice and guidance lower down the Academy as well.

We also look to discuss potential career pathways with all students as often as possible both during lessons as well as at social times. Students often approach staff for informal discussions on the matter as well and our staff are only too willing to listen, advise or direct accordingly.
Are there opportunities for my child to visit vocational expo days to get a taster for future prospects? The Academy does not organise year group visits to careers fairs but do take selected small groups of students to certain events especially in years 10 - 13.
What are the grade requirements to study at Sixth Form? A full list of subjects and the requirements can be found here.

Facilities FAQ's
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What is the computer-to-student ratio at BA? 1 computer for every 2 students.
Do teachers use interactive whiteboards as part of their teaching strategies? Yes. Staff use this technology on a daily basis and readily access professional development to further develop their skills and access new resources/technologies as they become available to schools. Our on site technology division is a highly effective and efficient team that supports staff with their needs as and when required.
How large is the BA playground? BA is split into various quadrants with a formal upper school and lower school playground splitting the students in years 7 & 8 and 9, 10 and 11 at both break and lunch. This is the same split in terms of our two canteens as well. Year 11 and the Sixth Form are allowed off-site at lunch as well.

In the spring/summer/early autumn, we also use the Academy field which is a great favourite with students of all ages.
When it rains, is there safe and adequate space for my child to have lunch? Yes. KS3 students can eat their lunch in their canteen and use the Lower School Hall that is supervised. KS4 use their canteen and the Upper School Halls, also supervised. We also open up the ground floor of the whole main building to cater for the huge number of students we have here at BA.
What type of food is served at the canteen? Cucina Café operates at our Academy and Mr Stephen Redpath is our fully qualified and vastly experienced head chef. He and his fantastic team provide a variety of health-conscious yet appealing food for our students.
You can control what you want your children to eat using our parent pay system.

To find out more about Cucina, visit their website:
How much money should I give my child for the canteen each week? Average meal cost is £2.10 for main hot meal with drinks and snacks priced at around £1.00
Can I control how much and what my child buys at the canteen? Parents can ask the main reception team to set a limit on daily spend. Parents can also ask the main reception to ban their child from purchasing specific items.
I don’t want to send money to school with my child to pay for trips, fees or canteen – how can I do this? All parents are issued with Password and login details for parentpay when child joins Bexleyheath Academy. Trips, uniform, canteen etc. can be paid online.